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01.03.17 TV PILOT
Teaming up with Rubicon, Fredrik is to star in a TV-pilot made from a well known Norwegian cartoon series. Not allowed to spill the beans on what it is yet, but hopefully in a short while, it will get a green light!

Wishing you all a wonderful new years! Let's fill it with exciting goals, discipline and too many acting gigs to handle. Cheers!



A collection of Fredrik’s TV/Film related work. It contains highlights from selected projects, and is brilliantly put together by the eminent Morten Haslerud. Remember to choose HD and go fullscreen.

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Curriculum Vitae

FILM/TV RoleDirectorProducer / Studio
"Børning 2: On ice"FeatureTor ErikHallvard BræinFilmkameratene
"Benjamin Falck & The ghost dagger"FeatureLeadMartin SofiedalGo!Electra & CreativeLads
"Generation Minus"ShortLeadAnton AmundsenWesterdals
"Leo"Novel-filmLeadLinn ChristensenNISS
"People buy flowers"ShortLeadMorten HaslerudMagik Box
"Hotel Ceasar"TV-seriesErik BaråsGaute Gunnari / Grethe Bøe-WaalTV 2
"Sommerfesten"Short SupportingChristine StroneggerStronegger Film
"Costa del Kongsvik"TV-seriesSupportingLars Kristian FlemmenSeefood
"Øyevitne"TV-seriesOveJarl Emsell LarsenNRK
"Victoria"FeatureChristian DybwadTorunn LianFilmkameratene
"Eye-catcher"ShortSupportingEmilie K. Beck & Christine StroneggerStronegger Film
"Just like in the movies"ShortLeadIda Thurmann MoeLavafilm
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Get to know him


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The up and coming actor is born and raised in the paper writing service college suburbs of Oslo, Norway and has been a constant adventurer since day one. He started out with two extensive dreams: Becoming a treasure-hunter specializing in Egypt’s ancient mysteries, or becoming a full-time movie star. Telling his parents he wanted to fulfill at least one of them, resulted in the purchase of a Turtles costume including a full make-over. He could barely sit still, waiting with great excitement about his transformation into his first character. When the make-up was fully applied, he was ready to have a look. He ran off to the mirror and screamed from the top of his lungs! He was terrified of what he saw and ripped the mask off. After a couple of weeks, having tried on different costumes, he became comfortable living in these characters and often demanded to sleep in / as them.


Not more than a few years later, the desire of expressing oneself through another characters thoughts and actions grew stronger. He and his closest friends got together and began making short-films. Without any substance at all, really. But after receiving some constructive critic from friends


and family, storylines and characters shone through. This was a whole new aspect to them and they all became more and more obsessed with it. Fredrik directed, acted, edited and wrote slader.comm some of the films they made and it became a real thrill creating new films – aspiring to become better and better.


While still in high-school, he got offered the role as an understudy in the hip hop version of The Nutcracker on one the major theaters in Norway, Oslo Nye. Even though he wasn’t on stage for more than five times, he would always sit in the back of the theater every night watching the play. Prior to the show, he would be backstage talking with- and observing the cast; how they prepared and how everything was put together. When the play came to an end, Fredrik returned back to school to finish his last semester. With uncertainty of where to head next, the phone rang from The New Opera in Bergen, who offered him the role as an acrobat and ensemble for the highly acclaimed opera The Flying Dutchman. This was over all expectations and without hesitation he packed his bags and moved over to Bergen for the next four months.



After working with such a dedicated cast and crew he was finally brave enough to admit to himself that this was what he wanted to do.  The next step towards the world of acting was applying to The Norwegian Institute of Acting. He auditioned, got accepted and enrolled from fall 2009. This was a whole new arena where he could battle fear, failures and ego. “This is only the beginning, the real adventure starts now” rang the words of his of former teacher at the graduation-ceremony in 2011. With this in mind he set his course for the wide world of adventures and paid Los Angeles a visit. He studied at Ivana Chubbuck Studios, and returned back to Norway in 2012 to pursue his career. With his acute passion for the art, no matter the extremeties, he always look for new ways to breath life into the characters and strives to deliver them in the most interesting and authentic way. What’s important to Fredrik, is being the messenger of a good story. Emphasizing how each particular film or play can help with the seemingly impossible act of making the world a better place.



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People Buy Flowers

People Buy Flowers

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Costa del Kongsvik

Costa del Kongsvik

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One time always

One time always

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